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back, shoulder

widegrip lat pull down 5x10 at 90lbs nearly died, needed to do less weight like 75 or 80
seated row 3x12 80lbs
woodchoppers 12x3 each side
cable curls palms down 3x12 30lbs cables felt like 50lbs
standing OH press 3x12 65lbs

short workout, I only had 40 min.
I did this workout yesterday n forgot to post it, tomorrow I beef the chest n BIs


Squats. 3x12 115
Stiff leg deads. 3x12 115
90 degree leg press each leg. 3x12 180 I did one legged press.

I ran through this 3 times it took about 23 minutes, I hope to get it down to 15 min when i get in better shape.

15 sqauts tossing up a 10lbs med ball
25 jumping jacks
10 each leg side lunges
25 JJs
10 each leg front lunges
25 JJs
10 each leg split squats holding med ball high above my head
25 JJs
50 figure 8s with 10lbs med ball through the legs
Walk around basketball court drinking water n cooling down.
repeat whole thing 2 more times for a total of 3 times

BAM! What a good workout!! Still feel it in my lungs/chest 6 hours later.
my ass n legs will kill tomorrow

chest tri

this was a fast workout, I only had 40 minutes.

some yoga moves n planks to warm up n stretch

DB bench 3x12 at 50lbs with 50 jumping jacks after each set so 150 JJs

pull overs 3x12 65lbs w/50 JJs after each set

incline DB press 3x12 35lbs w/ 50 JJS after each set

crossovers 3x12 30lbs
rope pull down 3x12 60lbs
overhead rope pull 3x12 60lbs

100 JJs

felt good n sweaty, just warming up n getting back into working out. I plan on doing legs tomorrow.
I figure after a few weeks it will be a habit n I will be beefing like crazy.
I still want to swim, my life guard pal is giving me goggles, yesssssssss

back, shoulder

widegrip lat pulldown 3x12
seated row 3x10

woodchoppers 3x15 each side
cable curls palms down 3x10
face pulls 3x12

over head press 3x10

cable shrugs 3x15

I want to start swimming for reals. I need to get over being shy n just do it, so what if I am not super good n fast, right?

oh yeah I showered for the first time at the ymca in the mens locker room!!!! I just toweled up walked in like I owned the place, went in my shower stall with a curtain showered!

shoulder, back n legs

Standing OH press
3x12 75lbs
Widegrip PD 3x12 100lbs
DB shrugs 3x12 60lbs
One leg 90 degree press 3x15 140lbs

Leg circuit
15 military squats
40 jumpingjacks
100 figure 8 with 5lbs DB
40 JJs
15 each leg squats
15 each leg split squats

Repeat 3 times

back, shoulder

standing OH press 10@75lbs 10@85 10@85
wide grip pulldown 10@100 10@100 10@115
seated row 3x10 100lbs
face pulls 3x10 50lbs 60lbs 70lbs
BB shrugs 115 3x10

full body

I never do a full body workout, I am going ouit of town for 5 days n never work out in the free gym at the hotels so I wanted to hit the gym atleast once this week.

DB bench press 12@50 8@55 6@60
Standing OH shoulder press 12@85 10@95 drop set to 85 n did another 14
Wide grip PD 12@100 10@115 10@115
Seated row 12@100 10@115 10@115
Shrugs on smith 12@95 10@115 10@125
Seated flies on fly machine 10x3 75lbs 5 second hold/pause at midddle, KILLER
Bar push down on cables 3x12 80lbs
Cable curls palms down to work the forearms 12x3 50lbs
45degree leg press 140lbs 1 leg 10x3 each leg then 10x3 both feet pushing with toes to work the calf

1 hour walk along the embarcadero after workout.
Felt good, thanks for the push Randy!


back, shoulder, BIs

Roadbike from the Mission ouit to Stonestown YMCA, about 4 miles.
5 min warm up with resistance band for shoulders n ro cuffs.

Close grip PDs 12@100 10@110 8@120
Wide grip PDs 12@100 10@110 6@120
Face pulls 3x12 60lbs
Palms down grip cable curls 2x12 50lbs 10@60
Seated row 3x10 100lbs
Shrugs on smith 3x12 95lbs
Seated curls 30lbs bar
Standing OH shoulder press 12@45lbs 10@65lbs 8@85

Worked for 3 hours at the YMCA then rode bike home.

Should have done OH press first, I wanted to get up to 105. Some teenagers were hogging the rack.
Pull downs felt good on the lats, they were sore last week. I do these REAL slow, feels good.
Need to start doing HIIT after workout.
I am stoked I have not gained the weight back from Vdiet, I thought for sure after going back to solid food it was going to come back ln a few weeks, it is staying off, still eatting healthy n watching my portions.
Tomorrow legs, I will not forget about the legs this week.


chest and tri

walked to gym
2 miles

DB press 50x12 55x10 60x6
incline db press 30x12 35x10 35x8
machine flies 50x12 60x10 7x8 with pause in the middle
assisted dipps 60lbs 3x10
pull overs 50x12 55x10 60x8

rope pulldowns 60x12 70x10 75x8
overhead rope pulls 60x12 70x10 75x8
bar pull down 50x12 50x12 50x10
arms felt super pumped flet like they were gonna blow up!

walked home 2 miles

felt strong.
gym was crowded it was hard to get a bench
I had a hard time with incline, I guess I should have warmed up more.
no HIIT today, I want to try n start this up again for 20 to 25 min after every workout.
found out the YMCA has tons of free yoga classes, I am going to try some out this week.
tomorrow, legs!!!!


back, shoulder

standing overhead press 12,10,6 65lbs, 75lbs, 85lbs
wide grip pull downs 12 10 6 100, 110, 120
seated row 12 10 8 100, 110, 120
face pulls 12 10 8 50, 60, 70
reverse cable curl palms down for forearms 12 10 8 30lbs 40, 50
shrugs on smith 12x3 135lbs

I took about 35 second breaks between sets,
I was in n out of there in about 40 minutes
next week I am going to start doing HIIT after each workout, only for like 20 or 25 minutes.